Reimbursement Support Center

Program Overview

As a service to physicians and hospitals, Inspire Medical Systems provides resources to assist with coding, coverage and reimbursement for Inspire therapy. The reimbursement support center can assist with both pre-implant and post-implant related needs through the following programs:

The Inspire Prior Authorization Program:

  • Many commercial payers have designated Inspire therapy as “experimental and investigational.” Because of these considerations, Inspire therapy may require prior authorization and may be denied at first request for prior authorization.
  • Even though Inspire may be denied at first request, there is a path to possible approval through the appeal process. Most commercial health plans have a method by which denials can be appealed through a process documented in the plan’s Provider Manual. The Inspire Prior Authorization Program can assist you with this process.
  • For more information, please call the Prior Authorization Hotline at?844-515-6182?or email:?[email protected]

The Inspire Reimbursement Hotline:

  • Call the Inspire Reimbursement Hotline for questions about coding, billing, claims submissions or payer coverage for Inspire therapy. The hotline can also provide assistance and information regarding Medicare and commercial denials for the Inspire procedure.
  • For support with coding, billing and denied claims, call the Reimbursement Hotline at?1-833-897-0939?or email:?[email protected]

Reimbursement Resources

Below you can find resource materials to download for your reference. These coding suggestions and coverage guidelines do not replace coding advice from payers and/or institution coding and compliance staff. The ultimate responsibility for correct coding lies with the provider of service. Please contact your local payer for interpretation of the appropriate codes to use for specific procedures. Inspire Medical Systems makes no guarantee that the use of this information will prevent differences of opinion or disputes with Medicare or other third-party payers as to the correct form of billing or the amount that will be paid to providers of service. ?